I am a camera

This post is all about focus. It’s often difficult to focus at the beginning of the week and the same can be true for photography.

What do I focus on? What am I trying to convey with this photo? How do I make my camera focus on what I want it to?

When taking photos where the main object may not be what you want to focus on or what is closest to the camera is not what you want to focus on, a lot of times I liked to switch to manual focus. Ideally, I like using manual focus for everything except sometimes sports photography, because the players move so quickly.

Using manual focus allows the photog to be more in control of what is in focus and what isn’t. Try playing around with your focus. This skill can really come in handy when you’re trying to make a specific statement with your photo:


This photo was meant to show the hardships of middle class workers in Rust Belt states. They are losing jobs and feel abandoned by the government (this photo was taken post-presidential election).

The flag is blurred because the focus is on the worker. It also represents Americans feeling dissatisfied toward the government. Had the whole photo been in focus, the image would not have been as powerful.

Photos can choose to focus…or not. Happy photographing!


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