I am a camera

Beginning of a new week calls for a #MotivationMonday!


Focus.  A difficult concept to grasp, both in photography and in life.

There always seems to be a million things to balance, from friends, family, school/work, exercise, relaxation, and on and on.  In photography, it can also be difficult to manage all your settings while paying attention to lighting, background, angles, and so on and so on.


Photo Quote 17

This quote applies to photography and life as well.

Sometimes you have to quiet your mind and focus on one thing at a time.  For photography, I try to use a general checklist when choosing a photo so I can examine one concept at a time.

For taking photographs, I try to keep one principle in mind to work on.  For example, my recent photographs of the City of Buffalo showed my experimenting with light and my ISO.  Looking at those photos, the next time I go downtown I want to try and focus on my angles.  Since I was on my way to the Sabres game, I didn’t take enough time to think about different angles on photos.  So, next time I go I want to look for cool backgrounds, unusual perspectives and using leading lines.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try highlighting one photography skill to work on.  Then, once you experiment with that one, move on to the next!  Each photography mini assignment is like a little challenge.  Breaking the big skills into pieces makes them much more manageable.

Got any other tips of photogs to focus on?  Leave a comment below.

Happy photographing!


10 thoughts on “I am a camera

      1. Agreed! I find when I don’t narrow down specific things to work on one at a time I get very overwhelmed with the amount of things I have to work on. There’s always room for improvement, but it doesn’t all have to improve at once.

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      2. Absolutely! I really like your photography, especially the lifestyle ones! I don’t know too much about wordpress, but if you post photos separately then people can like individual photos rather than liking a whole gallery

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