Suffering for my art

This week’s Bona Venture newspaper featured a story on the recent power outage at St. Bonaventure University and the Town and Village of Allegany.

Since the explanation involved a broken crossbeam on a pole near St. Bonaventure Road and College Street taking down electrical wires, I was sent to get the photo.

Hmmm taking a picture of a pole.  Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

So I’m lying there on my stomach, my camera trained on the two poles across the street.  I’m thinking to myself that I should have thought ahead and put something on the questionably damp ground before I belly flopped onto the grass…but too late for that.

I’m waiting for all the cars to pass by so that there are no cars in my shot.  I just want the poles.  But car after car drives by, a few opening their windows to stare or comment to me (not that I blame them.  I’m sure I looked ridiculous).  I even got quite a few car horns honking at me.  One woman in particular opened her window and proceeded to yell at me as she drove by, something about how I better not be taking pictures of her car…

Don’t worry, lady.  I’m trying not to get pictures of any cars.

Then the traffic light turned red, so the line of cars began to pile up in front of the poles.  So, I’m still chilling there with my camera in the grass, awkwardly trying to make eye contact with the drivers.  I’m thinking to myself: I’m photographing POLES. It should not be this difficult.

FINALLY the light turned green, the cars began to move and eventuallyyyyy there was a gap of cars so I could take my photo.

So when you see the photo in the BV, please know how much pain and suffering I endured for that picture of poles.



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